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Maxi Size intimate lubricant gel is a unique preparation pursuing two goals.
First, it enhances penis sensitivity, a man gets an unprecedented pleasure in bed, and second, thanks to a unique, thoroughly selected composition, it contributes to enlargement of penis and its shape improvement.

Gel cream description.

Over a million men from around the world have experienced the result of Maxi Size intimate cream and can say with confidence – this cream works wonders! Thanks to the lubricant gel, a small penis will never be the cause of failures in bed. Just a week of regular application, and your penis will become a matter of your pride, because it will increase in size, become longer, thicker, as if filled with strength, to bring your partner to the peak of blissfulness, and instill self-confidence to you. And all this – with a minimum of effort, without inconvenient visits to the doctor and exhausting procedures.

The cream was created by the best urologists and sexologists of the world, they have developed an effective Maxi cream, which will increase the male genital organ without external interference. Thanks to the use of the cream, the process of changing the penis shape and size has become as simple and safe as, for example, a common tooth brushing!


  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • United Kingdom
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Cyprus
  • Liechtenstein
  • Poland
  • Portugal
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Advantages of the cream:

  • the penis becomes longer and thicker;
  • increased sexual desire and stronger erection;
  • increasing sexual contact duration;
  • increasing the sensitivity of the penis nerve endings, which contributes to stronger feelings during lovemaking;
  • more effective in comparison with analogues.

The cream has successfully passed clinical trials and has been tested by a large number of men who have first-hand experience of its effectiveness. Maxi-Cream is a patented product, it has all necessary quality certificates. It is absolutely harmless to the body, does not cause allergies and addiction. Intimate lubricant gel can be bought in many countries.

Ingredients of Maxi Size gel cream

The secret of high efficiency of the application of this intimate cream is in its balanced, thoroughly selected ingredients.

All its ingredients can be conditionally divided into three groups:

  • triethanolamine;
  • proteins;
  • collagen and elastin.

Consider the above components in more detail.

Triethanolamine increases overall endurance of the body and gives strength, resulting in increased erection and duration of sexual intercourse. You can make love longer, getting the maximum pleasure from the process and giving the same pleasure to your partner.

The effect triethanolamine is similar to the effect of Viagra, in addition, this ingredient intensifies the rest cream components, contributes to their rapid penetration into the penis.

Proteins and amino acids play a crucial role for all organs and systems of the human body. The reproductive system has not become an exception. They contribute to the penis enlargement, increase its volume and improve its shape. Just imagine: your penis grows literally in front of your very eyes!

Collagen and elastin rejuvenate cells, increasing their elasticity. These are special enzymes making the penis more elastic, and the chambers of its cavernous body stretch, without losing its elasticity. Elastin with collagen maintains penis turgor.

Important! Maxi Size lubricant contains absolutely safe artificial compounds. Tanks to them you will notice the effect of the cream after a week already. As practice shows, just 6 weeks of regular use, and your penis will add an average of 4 cm in size!


Where can I buy Maxi Size, and how much does it cost?

Urologists around the world agree that Maxi cream is the best gel cream that really helps enlarging the penis both in length and in thickness. So, this cream can change your intimate life for the better, save you from a number of hangups and give pleasure, which you could only dream of before.

You can buy the cream from the official representatives of the manufacturer, by filling in the corresponding order form.

Effect of using Maxi Size

A unique cream to enlarge your penis will make you forgetting about any sexual problems forever. Doctors recommend it to all men experiencing discomfort due to insufficient penis size or bad erection. According to numerous customer feedbacks, just a week after regular cream application following the instruction, you will notice a positive result and make sure that everything that is told and written about Maxi cream is true!

The cream provides the following effect:

  • increases and thickens the male genital organ without causing any allergies or addiction;
  • strengthens sensations during sexual intercourse, making it richer and more intense;
  • strengthens sexual desire and erection, making it more stable;
  • prolongs sexual intercourse;
  • contributes to a grandiose, unforgettable orgasm.

Proper using of MaxiSize

The cream acts immediately after application. Please strictly follow the instruction during application.

Apply the gel cream regularly and only on the penis in excited (erected) state. To improve potency, it is best to use the cream half an hour before the alleged sexual intercourse – in this case the effect will be especially rich and most noticeable: the sex intercourse duration will increase, and the orgasm will occur at the right time and pleasantly surprise you with its strength.

To maximize the effect and significantly enlarge the penis, the manufacturer recommends rubbing the gel cream twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

The intimate lubricant gel shall be applied to the entire penis, with the exception of the tip, with gentle massage movements. If cream residue is formed during the procedure, remove it with a clean paper towel. You can also entrust such a responsible mission as applying an intimate cream gel to your partner – this will both improve the quality of sex, and also diversify sexual life.


Contraindications in the application of MaxiSize

The cream is completely safe for the body, it does not cause any harm to health. No contraindications and side effects were observed either during the gel cream tests, or during its use by numerous men. However, it is theoretically possible to assume the risk of an allergic reaction to the cream. In this case it is worth not using the cream.

In addition, the cream can have an exciting effect on the cardiovascular system, so people suffering from heart disease, tachycardia, and also from epilepsy, shall refrain from using this cream. Men with abrupt changes in blood pressure should apply the cream with extreme caution.

If you plan to have sex with a pregnant woman or a woman breastfeeding a baby, remove residual lubricant gel from the genital organ.


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  1. Starting from 30 to 40 years, a woman’s sex becomes more intense, high-quality and filled with various innovations. She is not afraid to experiment, loves unusual poses and is ready to give a man a real pleasure. The woman reveals her sexuality every day, and the man ceases to fanatize, and his desire for sex ends with a short act of the classic type.

    A woman does not get enough of such actions, so she feels a lack of attention from her partner and sometimes looks for the perfect lover on the side.

  2. Sex is important for the physical and mental health of men and women. But sex is not only a necessity. This is something that can bring great pleasure and happiness. Sex is extremely important for people, as part of the implementation.

    A man who wonders whether sex is needed has not yet revealed this potential.

    Happiness can bring sex with a loved one

  3. For some, it all starts with attraction. Thrilling touches. Passion, indescribable thrills. He and she alone. Feeling that you are desired, merging with whom you desire. Sex with a loved one is the highest pleasure that a person can experience.

    But these experiences are not familiar to everyone. In the modern world there are whole communities of people who do not know what sex is for, and consider it a relic of the past.

    Not all men and women are able to enjoy sex. They simply do not excite anything, and if there is arousal, it is weak, dim orgasm, and the pleasure of intercourse is dubious.

    Asexual women are called frigid, and men – impotent, even if with potency they are all right. In fact, the lack of interest in sex in these men and women is often psychological.

    For some people, sex is a painful subject. This is due to psychological trauma and anchors – perhaps something happened in childhood or in adult life.

  4. Maxisize cream is made according to the principles of organic stimulant, where natural ingredients are used in the production process. Side effects are virtually eliminated. The quality of the cream is no worse than expensive alternatives.

  5. Hello good Morning
    How do I get MAXI SIZE Cream through the original website? Is there a distributor in the Middle East? Please help you ..

  6. I live all my life with a 12 cm long penis, and this is in the excited condition. To say that I am very upset about this is to say nothing. Generally I am surprised that my wife is still with me. I tried everything possible since various means to enlarge the penis appeared. Only Maxi Size really helped me. I use it for 2 months, the “growth” at the moment is 2 cm, but I do not stop and conscientiously rub the cream every day twice. Another 2 cm – and I would be satisfied!

  7. Maxi Cream is great! Previously my penis was 13 cm long, excited, now it is 18! Feel the difference? And women feel it!

  8. I have not complained about the size before – it was OK for me and my partners. But I saw the maximum size advertisement and decided to try – there is no concept of “too big” in this matter. I bought it, tried and just in 6 days I noticed that my penis became thicker and really longer. My result is + 3 cm in length for a month and a half, and it’s cool!

  9. I have +4 cm in length and just incredible sensitivity! I will still use the cream even when the size suits me!

  10. I have ordered the cream about six months ago, and my life has changed since then! I did not complain about the size, but the penis enlargement of 1,5 cm became a nice bonus for me. I wanted to experience new sensations, and I experience them! The penis is much more sensitive after using the lubricant, orgasm is just fantastic, I never had such a storm of emotions. Two hours in bed with no breaks is nothing to sneeze at. Ladies are all steamed up!

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